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Microsoft Windows 10 Home Promo Codes April, 2018

Get Productive With Windows 10 Home Promo Code.

The history of Microsoft shows that the company has an incredible journey starting from Ms-Dos to Windows 10. In the year 1985, the company introduced Windows 1.0 and this was actually a revolution. The reason for this is that earlier, the users had to use command prompt for everything right from saving the file. But, after 1985, the operating system came as a graphical user interface, where the users were able to perform tasks by moving mouse. In 1987, Microsoft introduced Windows 2.0, 1990 came Windows 3.0, in 1993, the company introduced Windows NT and in 1995, Windows 95 was introduced. So, in the first decade itself, the company introduced 5 operating systems with each one having improvement as compared to the predecessor. Now, students are at the liberty to use, Microsoft Windows 10 Home Promo Code to get the latest Windows 10.


Windows 10 Home

Get faster start-ups, an expanded Start menu, and Cortana, your personal digital assistant across multiple devices.

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Microsoft Windows 10 Home


As you are planning to invest on this latest Windows operating system, you will be interested in understanding its features. Let us learn about some of the excellent features of this latest Windows operating system. Not just for students, but Windows 10 home coupon code is available for others to make this purchase at a friendly cost.

Some attractive points:

Before actually getting into the features, you might be interested in what Microsoft says about this new operating system. The company states that it is familiar; it is innovative, productive and more secure. So, users even though, they will not miss their most familiar features, will get some more attractive things when they invest on this operating system with Windows 10 home promo code or even without the promotional code.

What does familiar mean?

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft calls this to be the familiar operating system for users. Yes, it combines the strength of Windows 8 and the power of Windows 7 to provide the best experience to users. If you are already an expert in using Windows operating systems and you very well know the task bar, start menu and desktop, you will find Windows 10 to be highly familiar. Understanding your move, this operating system will keep you updated on whatever matters the most for you that too instantly. The excellent thing about this operating system is that it is designed to be compatible with your hardware, software and peripherals that you already own. So, you need not worry about compatibility issues of the programs that you have been using with the previous editions of Windows operating systems.

In addition, when you use Microsoft Windows 10 home promo code, you will enjoy cost saving benefits besides the familiarity.

How about innovation?

Microsoft also claims that Windows 10 is an innovative operating system. The reason stated by the company for the same is that it is the best windows ever for gaming. Besides providing you the existing games in your system at the best, this operating system will also help you to play and connect with players across Xbox One and Windows 10 devices. Right from the best casual games to the new generation of PC games, Windows 10 is built for games that you love a lot. In addition, promo code for Microsoft Windows 10 home can bring you other enjoyments in the form of savings. It is innovative because you can go beyond browsing with Microsoft Edge at the web browser.

How is it productive?

In addition to bringing you affordability with Microsoft Windows 10 home discount code, the operating system will help you in becoming productive. Yes, the operating system will help you stay focused with easy ways to snap applications in place and optimizing your screen space for getting things done in a professional manner. You can get to see the tasks that are presently being in operation in your system and you can also create virtual desktops for gaining space or group things by project. Not just Microsoft Windows 10 home coupon code, but it is productive because of Cortana, easy access to Windows store, built-in applications.

Its security:

Not just because of Microsoft Windows 10 home promotion code, but also because of the secured working experience you can gain is another reason why you should invest on this operating system.

So, invest on this operating system with Microsoft Windows 10 home promo code to enjoy the best working experience.